Teak Refinishing Orange County

Your Teak Furniture’s Best Friend

There is no doubt that outdoor teak furniture is the popular choice amongst homeowners in Orange County. The use of this incredibly tough wood on the beautiful yachts strewn along the docks of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach has made its way inland furnishing homes throughout the region for many years. Yacht owners know that in order to keep the wood looking great takes a combination of skill, knowledge, and time. Outdoor wood furniture is no different; it takes the same amount of knowledge and time to keep the wood looking great year round. Our company has taken the guessing game out of preserving and maintaining your outdoor teak furniture by working hands on refinishing teak and maintaining wood surfaces in Orange County for almost 20 years.

Teak Furniture Misconceptions

Teak furniture is frequently sold as maintenance free. There is a bit of truth to this statement. Yes, you can do absolutely nothing to your furniture and it will still last a lifetime. The natural oils inside the wood make it resilient to insects and damage from moisture. But just as the yachts in the harbor need care to look their best, so does teak furniture at your home. Many choose to allow their furniture to naturally change color and weather, however most want the preserve the blonde color of new teak depending on the design aesthetic of their home. UV exposure, moisture, dust, dirt, and mold will compromise the look of any wood used outdoors and will therefore need periodic care. Preserving the blonde look of the wood will need protection. Encouraging a fresh clean look of gray teak furniture will need cleaning.

Let Us Save Your Damaged Teak Furniture

Not everybody has the knowledge or time to properly protect and uphold the look of their teak investment and many have simply been misinformed at the time of purchase on proper technique. Without proper care, sun and moisture change the vibrant color of natural teak wood to a gray and often black color or tone. The surface of the wood has changed. Underneath the layer of gray oxidation, mold, or previous coatings lies beautiful new wood. Our teak refinishing method is a blend of cleaning and sanding to expose new wood. Various teak sealers are used to keep the wood from changing color and protecting it from mold. We can also encourage teak furniture to naturally gray while keeping it clean.

Make the Right Choice in Choosing Teak Refinishing Orange County

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